Connecting the Diaspora

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Assistance for communities with their development by connecting them to diaspora.

The social consequences of labour (seasonal) migration on families left behind and the migrants do not receive sufficient attention, if indeed they are addressed at all. Despite the influx of money, labour migration leads to several vulnerability factors affecting family members, such as psychosocial problems, exposure to sexually transmitted diseases, lack of adequate care, reduced access to health and education services, and exposure of children to violence and abuse.


Mission East’s efforts represent an integrated and holistic approach towards strengthening the resilience of the families and addressing the negative social effects of labour migration in Armenia through a set of interrelated actions, such as case management, local social planning, institutional cooperation, parental care and diaspora engagement, all underpinned by policy reform. The actions build on and are in line with the on-going reform towards a better integration of social services (ISS). As such, they aim at fostering the links between migration and local development, focusing on the specific social consequences for migrants’ families and measures aimed at enhancing the contribution of diaspora to the development of their country of origin. The project is implemented in four target regions, specifically Lori, Shirak, Tavush and Gegharkunik.

The main goal of the effort is to reinforce networks with migrants and diaspora organisations and to engage them in local development to the benefit of the most vulnerable migrants’ families and children.