Disability advocacy

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Strengthening of rights of people with disabilities and general awareness raising through advocacy.

Mission East is engaged in a long-term programme in Armenia to enhance the rights of children with disabilities. In Tavush Province, one of the poorest areas of Armenia, Mission East has established a comprehensive model of integrated services for children with disabilities, which can now be replicated throughout the country. The community-based services include identification of disabilities, referral to government or other organizations that can help, and rehabilitation.

Mission East has also supports civil society groups and the government to work together towards implementation of the UN Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Mission East helps strengthen the Armenian disability rights movement to promote equal rights and opportunities for people with disabilities in independent living, employment and education.

Seven new organizations representing people with disability were established in the last years and, together with the existing Disability Advocacy Coalition members, Mission East works to bolster their organizations and enhance their advocacy skills.