HIV/AIDS advocacy

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Medical care, support and information for people with HIV/AIDS.

In a Global Fund supported program Mission East supervises the activities of 11 local organizations and government bodies supporting people living with HIV/AIDS and helps the most at risk people in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

The goal for Mission East is to accelerate the reduction of the HIV epidemic in Armenia.

This Global Fund grant for HIV/AIDS prevention, treatment and care contributes directly to the achievement of this target.  Through the programme's particular focus on those populations most-at-risk for HIV/AIDS, and young people aged 15-24, this programme is critical to the effort to reduce prevalence to below 5% among most-at-risk populations, effectively reversing the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Armenia.

Our three main objectives are:

  • To accelerate the reduction of HIV spread among most-at-risk populations
  • To provide care, support and treatment to people living with HIV
  • To enhance the supportive environment for a sustained multi-sectoral response to HIV